Building & climate control

Setpoint is a specialist in the provision of building automation systems for the management and control of services in a facility such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting, power monitoring and electrical loads.

The company provides a complete building automation solution including a leading global technology system (Siemens), comprehensive local backup and support, personalised and professional service, and quality system implementation. We stand 100% behind all work carried out.

Setpoint can also provide customers with a homogenous building automation solution throughout (e.g. Siemens software, controllers, sensors, switching devices, motorised valves, damper actuators, etc) providing excellent reliability and ease of servicing.

Setpoint has a strong track record in providing the right indoor air quality and conditions in buildings along with maximising plant energy efficiency.

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We have three building automation system options available so the right system can be matched to your facility: