Humidifiers – Orbit Data Centre (Auckland)

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Orbit Data Centre

Four Hygromatik Heaterline Humidifiers have been installed in the new Orbit Data Centre in Auckland. The Orbit Data Centre provides customers with a high quality facility delivering world class levels of IT availability, reliability, resilience and security. A focus was also placed on the power efficiency and environmental impact of the building.

The Hygromatik humidifiers at the Orbit Data Centre have demineralisers installed along with VG30 fan units for direct steam distribution into the room. The humidifiers are modulated by the onsite building management system (BMS) to achieve close control of the humidity conditions.

The range of humidifiers from Hygromatik, which also includes steam electrode humidifiers, atomisers and dehumidifiers, are easily adaptable to any BMS onsite. They can also be used as standalone units.