Service Programs

Setpoint is committed to providing training and assistance for customers so they understand how their building automation solution can work for them.

We have customised service programmes to help minimise ongoing energy costs, optimise plant efficiency and extend plant operating life. The service programmes also offer a wide range of ongoing incentives to benefit customers in their day to day running of their buildings.

Additional services can also be provided individually or as part of an overall service programme such as remote system monitoring (e.g. trouble shooting, analysis, loop tuning, adjustments, trend data collection), database backups with on and off site storage, calibration of gas detectors, breakdown and emergency services.


‘Select365’ is the essential all round service programme tailored specifically to the site, type of mechanical plant installed and the building automation system. The company’s service team ensures the system functions reliably and economically from day one and for many years into the future.

Features of ‘Select365’ include:

  • Preventative maintenance checks of all system equipment
  • Calibration and tuning work for maintaining the right comfort conditions and maximising energy efficiency
  • Identification of other potential areas for reducing energy
  • Highlighting possible areas for better plant and equipment operation
  • Back up software and databases with dual storage locations of data
  • Assistance with controlling the building’s energy costs
  • Improvement in the quality and performance of the building’s operations

On top of the financial and smooth running benefits associated with the above criteria, the additional incentives package included with Select365 makes sure the investment in the service programme is also cost beneficial.