Humidifier Servicing

To ensure optimal operating performance, we recommend that humidifiers are serviced, on an annual basis.

We have found a number of humidifiers that haven’t been running for years. Some of the broken down humidifiers are used in facilities where maintaining correct conditions is very important, facilities like, museums, art galleries and computer rooms.

Things that can go wrong – and why you should have your humidifiers serviced regularly:

  • Typically the humidifiers cylinder becomes filled up with scale which blocks the drain and prevents the humidifier from operating.
  • Scale also builds up on the electrodes and makes them less efficient.
  • Over time the steam hose can become soft & saggy & start to leak even if there has been no mechanical damage.
  • Contactors can burn out thus not providing the correct voltage to the Humidifier and requiring replacement.

Setpoint supplies and services Condair Humidifiers, however, we are able to service any humidifier brand such as Vapac, Nordman, JS, Airwin etc.

Our Humidifier Service includes:

  • Cleaning of bottles and fitting new o-rings.
  • Checking all parts for damage and wear and replacing if necessary.
  • Checking that the humidifier is drawing the specified amount of current thus operating efficiently. If the unit is 3 phase that the 3 phases are even.
  • Checking for leaks at connections.
  • Performing a flush to ensure the drain pump is operating correctly and there are no leaks.
  • Ensuring, as a final check, that the humidifier is operational.
  • Providing a report detailing what was serviced and what may require replacement with photos.

Get in touch for pricing and to book your humidifier service today.