Variable Speed Drives

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Wellington ONTRACK Substations

Eleven 7.5kW Siemens variable speed drives (VSD’s) as well as a large quantity of active room sensors and controllers have been supplied for the ventilation control of the new substations along the Wellington railway system. This is in preparation for the arrival of the new Matangi trains in mid 2010.

A temperature sensor, directly connected to the VSD, modulates the duty fan based on the cooling demand. A second temperature sensor connected to a Siemens RWD82 controller initiates the emergency stand-by fan if the duty fan faults or cannot keep up with the cooling demand. Temperature run and fault signals are provided to the On-Track SCADA system.

En-equip engineers also carried out a full onsite commissioning to ensure complete operation of each site. Full documentation and commissioning reports were provided to the client.