Lighting control

OPT lighting

Setpoint offers lighting control solutions using either APOGEE® controllers, KNX or HDL-Bus lighting automation controls.

APOGEE® controllers can be used as a stand alone lighting control solution or as part of a fully integrated building control and energy management system.

The controllers have programming capabilities for almost any lighting control requirements. Commonly adopted lighting control functions include: time and holiday scheduling, outdoor light level detection, on/off control, occupancy detection, ambient light level detection, staged control of banks/rows of lights, automatic dimming of lights, security activation of lights and control of signage.

The lighting control can also be incorporated into electrical load management routines to further reduce energy consumption.

With the APOGEE® system, numerous open processor drivers (OPD) and other solutions are available for integration with third party lighting systems to obtain seamless ‘single seat’ control from the APOGEE® system.

Setpoint also supplies and installs the HDL-Bus lighting automation solution from subsidiary company, Smart Touch, which can be integrated with your current BMS system.

Some of the HDL-Bus system options available include: control and monitoring from multiple locations on site, control and monitoring from a single wall switch, sensor lighting enabling lights to automatically switch off in vacant areas, dimming, monitoring via the BMS to check usage and separate circuits to allow for energy savings.

HDL-Bus control has the ability to bridge many networks together with each network able to have up to 65,000 addressable devices on the same wire.

Any system or device that is HDL-Bus enabled can be connected and configured directly into the network by simply plugging into any HDL-Bus wire. Additional connectivity solutions include DALI, EIB, Mod-BUS, KNX and Ethernet.