Energy management

Setpoint have been helping customers save on their energy bills for well over a decade.

A combination of various energy management strategies are implemented on projects to maximise plant and energy efficiency for the customer as well as helping to extend the operational life of the plant.

APOGEE® controllers can be used as a stand alone energy management solution or as part of a fully integrated building control and energy management system. The controllers have built in electrical power demand monitoring capability and peak demand limitation (load control) routines which can be implemented in conjunction with switching in the generator(s). On top of this are built in energy management routines and programmes for controlling energy usage within the HVAC plant including: equipment scheduling, economiser and enthalpy control, holiday overrides, optimised start/stop routines, night purge, day/night setback, demand reset, compensated loops, occupancy detection, dimming control and others.

Setpoint can do a review of a facility and the operation of its plant/systems and make recommendations on ways to optimise control of the plant/systems to reduce energy consumption.