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The University of Canterbury have always been world leaders in research and discovery. It is no surprise that they looked to other leaders in their field when they needed to have close control of humidity conditions and reliable equipment.

The University of Canterbury uses a lot of humidifiers throughout the campus. When they were having issues with the current models installed that were tripping out, burning out elements and scaling up, causing a lot of downtime and with delays in getting in parts, they were keen to look for a more reliable and serviceable unit.

We were able to pull from our extensive experience with humidifiers and shortlist some great brands of humidifiers we have access too. However, the obvious choice was to use the Condair RS 20  with its unique “cold water pool” technology and scale collection tank.

So how does the Cool Water Pool work? By locating the water inlet and drain between the twin walls of the outer cylinder wall and an inner cylinder liner, the temperature is kept at a level that inhibits scale formation in this area. This “cold water pool” prevents blockages of the inlet and drain by scale to further enable extended periods between servicing. With the “cold water pool” and the scale collector tank, scale removal is simple.

So how does the scale tank work? Scale that forms on the heating elements breaks off under normal operation and falls into the externally located scale collector tank. Scale removal is a simple process of draining the scale collector tank with the push of a button, allowing the unit to cool, then disconnecting the tank and emptying it.

All this adds to quicker servicing and fewer issues with scaling.

So with the old unit removed the new Condair RS unit was installed and with some adjustments to piping and wiring the new Condair RS unit was up and running.

Another great product that you can all but forget about.

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