Our philosophy

jewelled gecko 1

We have a vision to specialise in providing solutions and products that have a positive effect on our natural world and its resources. This is directly achieved by reducing energy consumption, by improving controlled environmental conditions for energy conservation and through supplying products that have increased energy efficiency ratings.

As a company we further reinforce this philosophy by running our own business as best as we can in an environmentally responsible way. This is achieved through measures such as:

  • running a low emission fuel-efficient vehicle fleet
  • having stationery produced from recycled materials
  • using only recycled copier and printing paper
  • reusing incoming packaging materials for outgoing product dispatches
  • recycling of office waste materials
  • utilising heat pump air conditioning
  • time/temperature control on air conditioning and hot water systems
  • some occupancy/light level control of office lighting

We also have a partnership with DOC for saving a threatened NZ wildlife species, the Jewelled Gecko, which includes funding and field work.

As a company we are committed to this path and will be striving to do more in these areas as the company evolves.