Fabric Ducting

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Setpoint are distributors for the quality range of Euro Air fabric ducting.

Euro Air ducting provides many benefits over traditional metal ducting:

  • reduced installation costs and overall project costs
  • reduced risk to occupants in the event of seismic activity thanks to lightweight material and soft surfaces
  • draught free environment thanks to uniform air distribution
  • energy efficient through targeted directional flow control into occupied spaces
  • reduced noise level (compared to metal ducting)
  • green manufacturing processes (compared to metal ducting)
  • custom colours and graphics available for enhanced design aesthetics
  • hygienic and machine washable (reduces downtime costs)
  • reduced condensation risk
  • easily manoeuvrable – allowing for use in manufacturing rooms with crowded machinery setups
  • complies with AS/NZS11530.3 fire safety standard
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The Euro Air range includes:

  • directional flow control elements
  • slot diffuser ducts
  • induction elements
  • nozzles for long throw
  • membrane ducts (allowing for more efficient use of VRF systems)
  • ceiling panels (available in 600×600 and 1200×600 mm sizes)

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Please contact your local Setpoint office for further information and pricing.