Siemens recommended controls cablecable 

Typical cable applications include:

  • sensors
  • actuators
  • control signals
  • extra low voltage power (24Vac/dc)
280075 6 core flat screen cable, 100m drum, for Apogee sensors
H-3C18-CMR Cable, 3 core 18 AWG twisted pair, 305m drum Download Datasheet
H-TP18-CMR DI, DO, AI, AO cable, 2 core 18 AWG twisted, 305m drum Download Datasheet
H-F-1.5TSP24LC-CM BACnet comms cable, 3 core 24 AWG twisted, orange jacket with blue stripe, 305m drum Download Datasheet
P2140-10 6P6C modular plugs, packet of 10

VSD cable

Setpoint recommends the use of VSD cable when installing all VSDs to help prevent potential EMI and RFI issues.


  • tinned copper wire braid
  • low smoke, zero halogen flexible rubber insulation
  • sheath resistant to oil, petrol, acid, sea water and UV light
  • -40°C to +110°C operating temperature
  • high strength rip cord under sheath

NZ regulations are soon to require all installations to use approved VSD cable. Neutral screen is NOT acceptable and approved metal cable glands MUST be used at the motor end.

P-EU-PATD/4C1.5BK VSD cable, 1.5mm, 4 core, tinned, halogen free, per metre
P-EU-PATD/4C2.5BK VSD cable, 2.5mm, 4 core, tinned, halogen free, per metre
P-EU-PATD/4C4BK VSD cable, 4.0mm, 4 core, tinned, halogen free, per metre
P-EU-PATD/4C6BK VSD cable, 6.0mm, 4 core, tinned, halogen free, per metre
P-EU-PATN/4C10OR VSD cable, 10.0mm, 4 core, tinned, halogen free, per metre
P-EU-PATN/4C16OR VSD cable, 16.0mm, 4 core, tinned, halogen free, per metre
P-G420 + G4L20 EMC metal gland & locknut, M20, for 1.5mm VSD cable
P-G425 + G4L25 EMC metal gland & locknut, M25, for 2.5-6.0mm VSD cable


If an isolator is required between the VSD and motor, one must be made to comply with the new EMC standards (to be introduced in 2012). A metal gland must be fitted to make the screen continuous going into/out of the isolator and motor terminal box; 3 glands in total will be required. If the isolator is going to be used while the VSD still has a run command, we recommend the isolator’s auxiliary is used to shut the VSD down (via an 18 AWG twisted pair into a DI on the VSD) otherwise 6 full load currents may be applied to the VSD causing it to trip or fail.


en-eisolator 3 pole isolator, plus auxiliary, 40A, with metal enclosure
SZ1D4-125M 4 pole isolator, 125A, switch mounted in powder coated steel enclosure (300h x 300w x 150d)