Siemens APOGEE

Siemens APOGEE® is the most widely chosen building automation system in New Zealand.

APOGEE® has the longest backwards compatibility record of any system meaning new technology releases are able to be incorporated into the existing system avoiding the costs of expensive system upgrades or replacements. APOGEE® is a forward thinking system providing maximum flexibility and options for customers into the future. It contains quality Siemens equipment throughout and also provides a high level of functionality and performance.

Some highlights of APOGEE® include:

  • Investment protection through backwards compatibility guarantee
  • Forward thinking system constantly evolving to keep pace with technology changes
  • Supports open protocol standards (BACnet, OPC, TCP/IP, LonWorks, Web, Modbus, Terminal Services)
  • Remote communication options (Dial up, Terminal Services, Web browser with APOGEE® GO, Pagers, Phone, SMS and email with RENO)
  • Information management with Report Builder or InfoCenter Suite
  • Excellent scalability i.e. from the smallest to the largest facility with modular expansion throughout
  • Integration capability of communicating with hundreds of other building systems, devices, controllers and networks from hundreds of different suppliers