Fabric Ducting

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Waipukurau Pool

Setpoint has recently been involved in upgrading the ducting system at the A W Parsons Heated Pool in Waipukurau. The original canvas ducting with diffuser outlets had started to rip and the client was looking for a replacement solution that provided an evenly distributed air system.

Setpoint in conjunction with Hawkes Bay Refrigeration came up with a design to mount the fabric duct rails (flexrail system) using ceiling rail connectors onto the bottom of the existing plates. These half round plates centered at 5m apart held the original diffusers with a lamp above each. The client requested that the new system incorporate leaving the lamps in place with accessibility to change the bulbs.

Two fabric duct runs of 45m offered a simple transition from the existing system to the new system. The mounting of the new ducting was so quick and easy that installation was completed a day earlier than allowed for.

Quote from Hawkes Bay Refrigeration: “The client is delighted with the outcome and the duct looks very impressive.”

Wanaka Community Pool

The 18 year old Wanaka Community Pool recently underwent a revamp to reduce energy costs and become a modern eco-friendly facility.

As part of this energy saving upgrade, Setpoint supplied the fabric ducting system. The custom made ducting was specifically designed for Wanaka Pool to deliver air the entire length of the ducting at a reduced velocity. This avoids drafts at water level and reduces pool water evaporation.

The main concern with a swimming pool is humidity; fabric ducting provides low velocity airflow across the water to displace the high humidity air reducing condensation and retaining heat within the facility.

Setpoint fabric ducting is an economical, flexible and aesthetic solution compared to traditional steel ducting. Fabric ducting is more enviro-friendly to manufacture and also creates energy efficiency by delivering air directly to occupied areas.

Electra Office, Wellington

Setpoint recently supplied fabric ducting to replace existing metal ducting in a Wellington office building. The site had serious problems with drafts, condensation and noise associated with fixed diffusers in the existing metal ducting system.

The client requested ducting which would deliver the required airflow with a throw of approximately 5m to stop condensation on the windows but reduce the drafts and noise at the same time. We supplied a Euro Air fabric ducting solution which involved Trevira (diffuse material) adequate diffusion with small slots cut into the material at 30° angles for blowing some of the air along the ceiling so it could reach the windows.

This system offered a simple, cost effective solution; the fabric ducting was very cheap and inexpensive to transport, the contractor simply cut out and removed the existing metal duct, and installation of the new ducting was quick and easy using a simple quaternary cable.

Whitby Lakes Retirement Village, Wellington

Setpoint recently supplied a half round fabric duct solution using the patented Euro Air directional flow control (DFC) system in the new Lifestyle Centre at Whitby Lakes Retirement Village.

The DFC system is designed with laser cut holes in the duct which throw the air over the windows reducing condensation in the swimming pool area. The client also requested no top material be supplied with the fabric duct enabling a row of lighting to be installed in the middle of the duct run. This is the only lighting in the pool area which works effectively with the beige coloured fabric.

As well as the fabric ducting, Setpoint provided underfloor heating controls consisting of a centralised Siemens LOGO controller, six sensors monitoring various zones, and a panel mount controller to monitor and display the slab temperature.