Gas Detection – Fonterra Facility, Mosgiel

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Fonterra Facility, Mosgiel

Setpoint recently supplied a large quantity of Vulcain gas detection equipment to monitor gas in the new Fonterra bulk milk powder storage facility in Mosgiel. The equipment needed to comply with NZ standard AS1668.2 where Carbon Monoxide gas (CO), in this case generated by forklifts in enclosed spaces, must be limited by mechanical ventilation systems to protect workers against health risks.

At the Mosgiel store, seven separate zones are monitored via multiple sensor networks (24 sensors in total) each with their own and individual groups of extract fans. The extract fans are enabled when any of the sensors in that zone detect a CO gas level of 25ppm or greater, and are then modulated via Siemens variable speed drives from 30% to 100% of full rated speed proportional to gas levels of 25ppm to 100ppm.

Vulcain VA301C zone controllers feature an integral buzzer and visual alarm indicator, as well as an alarm relay which closes when a gas level of 200ppm or greater is detected by any zone sensor.

Calibration of the sensors and an annual system test are also carried out as part of the ongoing product support offered by Setpoint.