Humidifiers – Christchurch Art Gallery

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Christchurch Art Gallery

Three Hygromatik 58kg/hr steam electrode humidifiers have been installed on the main air handling unit at the Christchurch Art Gallery to ensure that close control of the supply air humidity is maintained to the gallery spaces.

Art storage and display areas have very stringent humidity requirements. The Hygromatik humidifiers maintain the humidity levels to be within specified values allowing the art works to be safely displayed.

Hygromatik humidifiers have many unique features including re-usable steam cylinders which can be easily clipped apart for cleaning with standard tap water. There is no need for regular chemical cleaning allowing significant savings to both the End User and the environment.

Another advantage of the Hygromatik humidifiers is the unique SuperFlush option which creates additional turbulence in the cylinder water to increase the amount of scale being drained. This can double or triple the cylinder standing time between servicing further increasing the efficiency of the steam electrode range of humdifiers.