Energy Metering


Sonoheat UH50 energy meters acquire the volumetric flow statically using the ultrasonic measuring principle and use the measure temperature differential to calculate energy consumed.

Pricing is dependent on output options, flow rate and mounting position, please contact Setpoint for details. Larger sizes are also available.

UH50-A05C-EN06-F 0B-B000-M3Aheat meter, 0.6m3/h, G3/4″, threadedDownload Datasheet
UH50-A23C-EN06-F 0B-B000-M3Aheat meter, 1.5m3/h, G1″, threadedDownload Datasheet
UH50-A36C-EN06-F 0B-B000-M3Aheat meter, 2.5m3/h, G1″, threadedDownload Datasheet
UH50-A45C-EN06-F 0B-B000-M3Aheat meter, 3.5m3/h, G1 1/4″, threadedDownload Datasheet
UH50-A50C-EN06-F 0B-B000-M3Aheat meter, 6.0m3/h, G1 1/4″, threadedDownload Datasheet
UH50-A60C-EN06-F 0B-B000-M3Aheat meter, 10.0m3/h, G2″, threadedDownload Datasheet
UH50-A65C-EN06-E 0M-B000-M2Bheat meter, 15.0m3/h, DN50, flangedDownload Datasheet
UH50-A70C-EN06-E 0M-B000-M2Bheat meter, 25.0m3/h, DN65, flangedDownload Datasheet
UH50-A82C-EN06-E 0P-B000-M2Bheat meter, 60.0m3/h, DN100, flangedDownload Datasheet