Flow Metering


SITRANS electromagnetic water meters are designed to fulfil special customer demands such as:

  • precision – accurate and reliable measurement for long term performance
  • information – prepared directly from meter site to minimise the need for additional systems
  • communication – open ‘add-on’ communication platform for connection to existing systems
  • ownership – low installation, maintenance and operation costs
SBT7ME6580-2YN14-2AA1SITRANS mag5100W flow meter, DN50, PN16Download Datasheet
SBT7ME6580-3FN14-2AA1SITRANS mag5100W flow meter, DN65, PN16Download Datasheet
SBT7ME6580-3MN14-2AA1SITRANS mag5100W flow meter, DN80, PN16Download Datasheet
SBT7ME6580-3TN14-2AA1SITRANS mag5100W flow meter, DN100, PN16Download Datasheet
SBT7ME6580-4BC14-2AA1SITRANS mag5100W flow meter, DN125, PN16Download Datasheet
SBT7ME6580-4HN14-2AA1SITRANS mag5100W flow meter, DN150, PN16Download Datasheet
SBT7ME6580-4PN14-2AA1SITRANS mag5100W flow meter, DN200, PN16Download Datasheet
SBT7ME6580-4VN14-2AA1SITRANS mag5100W flow meter, DN250, PN16Download Datasheet
SBT7ME6910-1AA10-1AA0Mag5000, 230Vac transmitter, 4..20mA, pulse outputDownload Datasheet
SBT7ME6910-1AA30-1AA0Mag5000, 12/24Vac trans., 4..20mA, pulse outputDownload Datasheet
SITRANS FUE950Universal thermal energy calculator, battery or mains poweredDownload Datasheet