gas-detector-a-seriesStand Alone Gas Monitors (CO)

The low cost CMA gas detector allows continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect carbon monoxide concentrations (CO).


  • electrochemical sensor element
  • optional relay output
  • ideal for use with Siemens LOGO or Siemens VSDs
  • other ranges available on request
CMA200VC Gas detector, CO, 0..10Vdc or 4..20mA output, 0..200ppm Download Datasheet

Stand Alone Gas Monitors

The Murco Gas Sensor is a fixed gas detector MGSsensorwhich can detect a wide range of different gases. The sensors can be used on a stand alone basis or integrated into controls or BMS using its digital or analog output.

Ideal for refrigerant leak detection and CO2 detection in barrel halls.


  • visual and audible alarm
  • IP44 (optional IP66 housing)
  • alarm relay output, analog output (Vdc or mA)
  • optional remote sensor head for EXD or decorative application
  • many more gases and options available as well as those listed below
MGS150-6300-1091 Gas sensor, IR, CO2, 10(5)k ppm, 24Vac/dc Download Datasheet
MGS150-6300-1134 Gas sensor, refrigerants, R134a, 24Vac/dc Download Datasheet
MGS150-6300-1137 Gas sensor, refrigerants, R410a, 24Vac/dc Download Datasheet
IAM100-6202-5107 Gas sensor, refrigerants, R410a, 230Vac, remote head, 5m cable, decorative faceplate Download Datasheet