New to the NZ market; Setpoint Solutions is happy to introduce the Condair range of industrial and commercial dehumidifiers. Condair offers a de-humidifier for projects ranging from 0.6kg/h all the way up to 182kg/h, in desiccant or evaporative technologies.

Selecting the correct de-humidifier isn’t always straight forward, therefore please feel free contacting us, so we can make this easier. Contact us on or 04 471 2700.

Condair dehumidifier models include:

DA desiccant dehumidifiers – for lower humidity control and for lower ambient temperaturesCondair Dehumidifiers Brochure
DC condensing dehumidifiersDC condensing dehumidifiers – good to 50%RH and for warmer ambient temperaturesCondair Dehumidifiers Brochure
DP swimming pool dehumidifiersDP swimming pool dehumidifiers – condensing humidifier for small to large commercial poolsCondair Dehumidifiers Brochure