Duct Humidifiers

In general, the most popular humidifiers in New Zealand are smaller electrode & resistive steam humidifiers. However, we can offer newer alternative solutions that may provide energy savings and/or control benefits. Please contact us on sales@setpoint.co.nz or 04 471 2700 so we can tailor a solution for your application.

Condair steam humidifier models include:

EL electrode steam boiler humidifier – cost-effective, reliable and simple to instal.Condair EL brochure
RS resistive steam boiler humidifier – high accuracy with a patented scale management system.Condair RS brochure
Condair GS gas-fired steam humidifierGS condensing gas-fired steam humidifier – energy-efficient option for larger duties.Condair GS brochure

Condair adiabatic humidifier models (for AHUs or large ducts):

Condair ME evaporative humidifier & coolerME evaporative humidifier & cooler – high humidification duties with very economical running costs.Condair ME brochure
HP high-pressure in-duct humidifier – easy installation with low operating costs.Condair HP brochure
Condair DL hybrid spray & evaporative humidifierDL hybrid spray & evaporative humidifier – +/-2%RH accuracy with very short absorption distances.Condair DL brochure