Air Quality Controls


The range of Siemens air quality sensors offer energy savings and enhanced comfort, as well as long term stability requiring no servicing or recalibration.


  • CO2 or VOC sensing options available
  • CO2 temperature and CO2 humidity/temperature multisensor options available
  • power supply: 24Vac/dc
  • analog and relay output options
QPA1000room sensor, VOC, 24Vac, IP30Download Datasheet
QPA2000room sensor, CO2, 0..2000ppm, IP30Download Datasheet
QPA2002room sensor, CO2 and VOC, 0..2000ppm, IP30Download Datasheet
QPA2060room sensor, CO2/temperature, 0..2000ppm, -35..+50°C, IP30Download Datasheet
QPA2062room sensor, CO2/humidity/temp., 0..2000ppm, -35..+50°C, 0-100%RH, IP30Download Datasheet
QPA2002Droom sensor, CO2 and VOC, 0..2000ppm, LCD, IP30Download Datasheet
QPA2060Droom sensor, CO2/temperature, 0..2000ppm, -35..+50°C, LCD, IP30Download Datasheet
QPA2062Droom sensor, CO2/humidity/temp., 0..2000ppm, -35..+50°C, 0-100%RH, LCD, IP30Download Datasheet
QPM2100duct sensor, CO2, 0..2000ppm, IP54Download Datasheet
QPM2102duct sensor, air quality, CO2 and VOC, 0..2000ppm, IP54Download Datasheet
QPM2160duct sensor, air quality, CO2/temp., 0..2000ppm, -35..+50°C, IP54Download Datasheet
QPM2162duct sensor, air quality, CO2 / humidity / temperature, 0..2000ppm, -35..+50°C, 0-100%RH, IP54Download Datasheet
QPA84room sensor, VOC, relay output, 230Vac, IP30Download Datasheet
F2000IAQ-CO2-3101UTongdy monitor and controller, CO2, wall mount, relay output, 24Vac/dcDownload Datasheet
F12-S8100Tongdy CO2 transmitter, wall mount, 1 x 0..10Vdc output, 24Vac/dc, 0..2000ppmDownload Datasheet