• 8 digital inputs (4 x NO, 4 x NC)
  • user programmable input names
  • programmable input delays
  • programmable latching or non latching inputs
SMS-8 autodialler, 8DI, 4DO, 12Vdc, adjustable delays (includes pre-comm.)  Download Datasheet
SMS-2  autodialler, 2DI, 2DO, 12/24Vdc, includes smart phone app  Download Datasheet



en-eWeb includes powerful web based features, such as:

  • data logging and event logging, trending
  • email notification and email data log delivery
  • astronomical clock and time/date clock
  • integral web server with Flash file system
  • web based configuration and monitoring
  • Ethernet 10/100BaseT BACnet IP
en-eWeb datalogger, 12 universal inputs/2 digital outputs, web server, 24Vac/dc (includes pre-commissioning) Download Datasheet