Flow Switches – Air

Air flow paddle switch, FAPS, is intended to monitor air flow and non-aggressive gases within the duct.


  • min switch on: 2.5m/sec, min switch off: 1.0m/sec airflow
  • max switch on: 9.2m/sec, max switch off: 8.0m/sec airflow
  • IP65 plastic housing
  • base in galvanised steel, moving arm in brass, vane in stainless steel


FAPS air flow paddle switch Download Datasheet

Flow Switches – WaterQVE1900

Suitable for use in HVAC plants to monitor the flow of liquid in hydraulic systems, especially in refrigeration, heat pump and heating plants, e.g. for condensors, boilers and heat exchangers

  • pipe diameter: DN20 to DN100
  • water temperature: -20°C..+110°C


QVE1900 flow switch, -20°C..110°C, DN32..DN200 pipe diameter, s/s paddle, IP65 Download Datasheet
QVE1901 flow switch, -20°C..110°C, DN20..DN200 pipe diameter, plastic paddle, IP65 Download Datasheet