• suitable for cold rooms, refrigerated counters, air conditioning units, etc
  • refrigeration controllers with fan/defrost control and alarm outputsTC-910
  • can communicate with SITRAD® (TC-900Riclock only)

The plus line of instruments provide a serial output to connect with SITRAD®management software through the CONV96 interface. The interface is used to convert the RS485 signal into RS232. Each interface can communicate with up to 96 Full Gauge controllers.


TC-900Riclock refrigeration controller, -50..75°C, 230Vac, 3 outputs, clock, SITRAD, timed defrost Download Datasheet
TC-910Ri refrigeration controller, 230V, 4 outputs, 2 sensors, dual stage Download Datasheet
TC-940Ri refrigeration controller, -50..75°C, 230V, 4 outputs, fan, alarm, defrost function Download Datasheet