Continuous Measurement

Ultrasonic Controllers


The SITRANS LUT400 series controllers are compact, single point, long range ultrasonic controllers for continuous level or volume measurement of liquids, slurries, and solids, and high accuracy monitoring of open channel flow.

SITRANS LUT420/430/440: in addition to industry leading 1mm accuracy, each of three models in the series are compatible with our full range of EchoMax transducers and offer varying degrees of pump, alarm, and other control functionality, all from a very compact and easy-to-use interface.

Ultrasonic Transmitters

2-wire loop powered ultrasonic transmitter for level, volume, and flow monitoring of liquids in open channels, storage vessels and simple process vessels.

SITRANS Probe LU: continuous level measurement up to 12mm range, patented Sonic intelligence signal processing, auto false-echo suppression

Ultrasonic Transducer


Transducers for liquids and bulk solids. XPS series: hermetically sealed PVDF enclosure for chemical immunity.

Echomax XPS: XPS series offers versions for various distances up to 30m and up to a maximum temperature of 95°C.

Radar Transmitters

2-wire pulse radar level transmitters for continuous monitoring of liquids and slurries in storage and process vessels including high temperature and pressure, to a range of 20m, and of solids in silos to a range of 100m

SITRANS Probe LR: uni-construction polypropylene rod antenna standard, patented Process intelligence signal processing, auto false-echo suppression of false echoes.

SITRANS LR250: simple operation using graphical local user interface (LUI), plug-and-play setup using the intuitive Quick Start Wizard, 25GHz high frequency allows for small horn antennas and easy mounting in nozzles, Process intelligence signal processing for improved measurement reliability and Auto False-Echo suppression of fixed obstructions.


SITRANS LR560: rugged stainless steel design, 78GHz high frequency, aimer option to direct beam to area of interest such as draw point of cone, air purge connection is included for self-cleaning of extremely sticky solids, lens antenna is highly resistant to product build up, local display interface (LDI) allows local programming and diagnostics.

Guided Wave Radar Transmitters

Guided wave radar transmitter for short and medium range level. level/interface, and volume measurement of liquids and solids. It is unaffected by changes in process conditions, high temperatures and pressures, and steam.

SITRANS LG200: measures accurately on materials with dielectric (dK) as low as 1.4, guided wave radar measurement for up to 2.5mm accuracy, measures level and interface on challenging applications including foam, 3 button programming for quick setup, reliable level measurement on harsh applications with pressure up to 430bar and temperatures as high as 427°C.