Point Level Measurement


 Capacitance Switches

Powerful range of level switches suitable for a variety of industries.

Pointek CLS100: compact 2-wire inverse frequency shift capacitance switch for level detection in constricted spaces, interfaces, solids, liquids, slurries and foams.

Vibrating Switches

Reliable vibrating point level switches for liquid, slurry and bulk solid applications across all industries in a wide variety of applications.

SITRANS LVL100: compact vibrating level switch for use in liquid and slurry applications such as overflow, high, low and demand level applications. Also ideal for dry run protection.

SITRANS LVS100/LVS200: vibrating point level switch designed to be impervious to external vibrations and to provide reliable performance in demanding bulk solid applications.


Rotating Paddle Switches

Reliable rotating point level switches for bulk solids in a wide variety of applications

SITRANS LPS200: rotating paddle switch for detection of high, low and demand levels for a wide variety of bulk solids industries. Unique engineering provides long-lasting reliable performance.

Ultrasonic Switches

Ultrasonic non-contacting switch with two switch points for level detection of bulk solids, liquids and slurries in a wide variety of industries.

Pointek ULS200: rugged design, no moving parts, and virtually maintenance free. The transducer is available in ETFE or PVDF copolymer and therefore inert to most chemicals.