Solenoid Valves


The strength and reliability of this range of solenoid valves make them the ideal solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. They are particularly suitable for the control of water, air, inert gases, steam and non-aggressive fluids.


  • 2 way valve, normally closed
  • servo-assisted membrane actuator
  • fluid: water, oil, air, diesel, fuel
  • power supply: 230Vac
  • fluid temperature: -10°C..90°C
  • all valves supplied with 230Vac coils as standard
MC111Solenoid valve body, NC, 230Vac, DN15Download Datasheet
MC112Solenoid valve body, NC, 230Vac, DN20Download Datasheet
MC113Solenoid valve body, NC, 230Vac, DN25Download Datasheet
MC171Solenoid valve body, NC, 230Vac, DN32Download Datasheet
MC172Solenoid valve body, NC, 230Vac, DN40Download Datasheet
MC173Solenoid valve body, NC, 230Vac, DN50Download Datasheet
MC997Connector for MC solenoid valve coil
MC995Solenoid coil, 24Vac, use with MC type valve, up to 25mm