Siemens Synco

Synco™ is an HVAC control system for small to medium sized multi-purpose buildings. Its standard controllers offer maximum energy efficiency plus reliability and feature modular design. This means that Synco enables you to plan a versatile, cost and energy efficient HVAC control system which is straightforward to install and commission.

Highlights of Synco™ include:

  • Energy savings thanks to intelligent building automation
  • Extensive application library with function descriptions, checklists and commissioning sheets
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Versatility and expandability for future use
  • Straightforward operation and quick commissioning
  • Superior support and comprehensive documentation
  • Decades of experience and high quality standards

Synco™ 700

Modular range of controllers for a wide range of HVAC, refrigeration and electrical control applications with communication via the open Konnex standard bus allowing optimum interplay of the plant. Graphical interface software options are also available.

Synco™ RXB

Unmatched individual room control and communication with Synco™ 700 for data exchange to save considerable energy, e.g. heating and cooling demands