Gas Detection Systems

E3Point is a gas monitor capable of detecting the widest range of toxic and combustible gases found in commercial building spaces and outbuildings. It can be used as a standalone unit with single or dual gas detection or deployed as a networkable device; E3Point also functions with existing controller based gas monitoring systems and wired/wireless gas monitoring system components.

These modular dual gas detection systems are ideal for car parks, truck stops and battery charging areas.e3point_c_remote1000x1000


  • display complies to AS/NZ 1668.2
  • available in standalone, with remote (dual gas mode) or network versions
  • works with virtually any building automation system with BACnet and Modbus options available
  • wall or duct mount (duct kit extra)
  • remote sensor option (standalone version only)
  • couple with 301C to log data and connect up to 96 BACnet or Modbus E3Point units
  • factory calibrated cartridges
  • wireless option available
E3SA + E3SCO E3Point, wall mount, standalone, 24Vac/dc, 2 x SPDT relays, includes single CO sensor Download Datasheet
E3SA + E3NO2 E3Point, wall mount, standalone, 4..20mA, 2 x SPDT relays, includes single NO2 sensor
E3SRMCO E3Point, remote sensor, -20..50°C, CO, for use with E3SAR.. unit
E3SRMNO2 E3Point, remote sensor, -20..50°C, NO2, for use with E3SAR.. unit
E3SRMH2S E3Point, remote sensor, -20..50°C, H2S, for use with E3SAR.. unit
E3PT-CAGE Protective wire guard for E3Point
E3T-PK E3Point tamper proof kit

Stand Alone Gas Detection SystemsCTR21m

The Geca CTR21 wall mount gas leak detector monitors natural gas, methane or LPG (depending on the model). The accompanying sensor is integrated onto the housing for ease of installation.

Technical specifications:

  • rating: IP44
  • first relay intervention: 10% LEL, second relay intervention: 20% LEL
CTR21M gas detection unit, wall mount, for natural gas, 230Vac, incl. sensor Download Datasheet
CTR21G gas detection unit, wall mount, for Methane and LPG, 230Vac, incl. sensor Download Datasheet

Centralised Gas Detection Systems – multi zoneCTM11web

This equipment is primarily used for the detection of natural gas or LPG leaks in commercial and industrial environments. The gas units monitor up to 3 detection zones via the remote gas sensor.


  • DIN mount or panel mount options
  • monitor up to 3 zones (CTP21 only)
  • LED indication of LEL levels
  • test/reset push buttons
CTM11 central gas unit, DIN mount, 230Vac, use with single sensor, excl. remote sensor Download Datasheet
CTP21 central gas unit, wall mount, IP54, 230V, use with 3 remote sensors Download Datasheet
ST441G catalytic sensor for CT gas unit, LPG, IP44 Download Datasheet
ST441M catalytic sensor for CT gas unit, Natural Gas, IP44 Download Datasheet
SE193K catalytic sensor for CT unit, Natural Gas/LPG, IP67, ATEX certified Download Datasheet
SIR-E siren with flashing red light indicator,  Download Datasheet