• Trace Metal Free Clean Lab – University of Otago

    Trace Metal Free Clean Lab – University of Otago

    When the University of Otago needed a trace metal free clean lab Setpoint stepped up to the challenge. Setpoint Solutions Ltd has had over 20 years’ experience creating pressure control solutions. The lab needed to have reliable positive pressure. This meant there needed to be two air handers to supply clean air, one always running…

  • Humidifiers – University of Canterbury

    Humidifiers – University of Canterbury

    The University of Canterbury have always been world leaders in research and discovery. It is no surprise that they looked to other leaders in their field when they needed to have close control of humidity conditions and reliable equipment. The University of Canterbury uses a lot of humidifiers throughout the campus. When they were having…

  • Gas Calibration Service

    Gas Calibration Service

    SETPOINT OFFERS GAS MONITORING SYSTEMS AND A CALIBRATION SERVICE Many buildings in New Zealand have some kind of fixed toxic gas monitoring system or could benefit from one. We’ve listed the main areas where you may need to monitor for toxic gases: CAR PARKS, TRUCK, OR FORKLIFT LOADING AREAS Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colourless…

  • Humidifiers – Orbit Data Centre (Auckland)

    Humidifiers – Orbit Data Centre (Auckland)

    Orbit Data Centre Four Hygromatik Heaterline Humidifiers have been installed in the new Orbit Data Centre in Auckland. The Orbit Data Centre provides customers with a high quality facility delivering world class levels of IT availability, reliability, resilience and security. A focus was also placed on the power efficiency and environmental impact of the building.…

  • Variable Speed Drives

    Variable Speed Drives

    Wellington ONTRACK Substations Eleven 7.5kW Siemens variable speed drives (VSD’s) as well as a large quantity of active room sensors and controllers have been supplied for the ventilation control of the new substations along the Wellington railway system. This is in preparation for the arrival of the new Matangi trains in mid 2010. A temperature…

  • Humidifiers – Christchurch Art Gallery

    Humidifiers – Christchurch Art Gallery

    Christchurch Art Gallery Three Hygromatik 58kg/hr steam electrode humidifiers have been installed on the main air handling unit at the Christchurch Art Gallery to ensure that close control of the supply air humidity is maintained to the gallery spaces. Art storage and display areas have very stringent humidity requirements. The Hygromatik humidifiers maintain the humidity…

  • Gas Detection – Fonterra Facility, Mosgiel

    Gas Detection – Fonterra Facility, Mosgiel

    Fonterra Facility, Mosgiel Setpoint recently supplied a large quantity of Vulcain gas detection equipment to monitor gas in the new Fonterra bulk milk powder storage facility in Mosgiel. The equipment needed to comply with NZ standard AS1668.2 where Carbon Monoxide gas (CO), in this case generated by forklifts in enclosed spaces, must be limited by…

  • Lighting Control – Westpac Stadium

    Lighting Control – Westpac Stadium

    Lighting at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington is controlled by APOGEE®. At the push of a button stadium staff can select from preprogrammed configurations to ensure that lighting is provided in the correct configuration no matter what event is on. Internal and external security lighting is controlled according to time schedules and ambient light levels.

  • Integration – Christchurch International Airport

    Integration – Christchurch International Airport

    Christchurch International Airport Christchurch International Airport have many examples of integration and connectivity within their site such as: Siemens APOGEE® BACnet option, LonWorks variable air volume box controllers, main plant controllers on Ethernet, Modbus integration to power and lighting PLC’s, backwards compatibility integration to Staefa Integral BMS, RENO alarm notification to pagers, e-mail and cell…

  • Green Building Projects

    Green Building Projects

    Setpoint has worked on or is working on the following Green Building Projects: